Head of group: Robert HORVATH, PhD

The Nanobio-sensorics Lendület group was established as an independent research group in the second half of 2012. 

The group aims for R&D on label-free optical biosensors, their application and modelling of the concerned biological-biophysical processes. In 2013 a cell-culture laboratory was set up to enable a start in the field of the so far not explored, unique „label-free biosensorics on living cells”. Techniques like a label-free EPIC multichannel optical biosensor prototype and an M4 Holomonitor were introduced – as only such facilities in Hungary.

-          Strategically important results were achieved and published in international periodicals in several directions: measuring equipment development, monitoring of micro-vesicules secreted by the cells, the use of flagellar functional layers, and the development of theoretical models for the analysis of ordered biological layers

-          For the first time they succeeded in the label-free biosensor analysis of the adhesion properties of microvesicules and human monicites in collaboration with SOTE and ELTE research groups.

-          Some pioneering results were also achieved in the field of the investigation of ordered biological films (proteins, lipid double layers), which can be utilized for different medical diagnostic purposes.