Parts of the Hungarian Strategic Research Infrastructure, registered in the "NEKIFUT" programme:(descriptions in PDF format)

Other available research facilities and technologies:

  • Clean lab (Class 10-10000) and Mask facility
  • Electron Microscopy, Auger and Scanning Probe Lab
  • Thin film, Surface Physics and Structures
  • Ion Implantation and Ion Beam Analysis
  • Optical Characterization, Ellipsometry
  • Semiconductor Lasers and different LPE Techniques
  • Sensorics; semiconductor (pressure, gas,microwave); magnetic (cracks in steel); optical waveguides (biosensor), 0.4 µm optical grid
  • Computing applications; medical (biopotentials, automatic cell identification), noise reduction in archaic sound recording media
  • Porous silicon preparation and studies
  • Carbon nanotubes, preparation and studies
  • Computational physics
  • Ceramics, high pressure, high temperature press, refractory metals
  • Biophysics, body surface potencial mapping