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Nanobiosensorics Laboratory

Head : Dr. Róbert Horváth


The Nanobiosensorics Lab  focuses on the development and application of label-free optical biosensors and combines these technologies with single cell manipulation techniques. Their research topics are ranging from the kinetics of cellular adhesion, migration and signalling on novel biomimetic interfaces to the mathematical modelling of the measured biological signals.

Aim of their research:

Monitoring biomolecular or cellular interactions at the nanometer length scale opens up several challenging applications in basic biological, chemical, and biophysical research with significant industrial relevance in the health and biotechnology-related areas. It is especially useful when the processes and interactions are monitored by a label-free method.

The field of single-cell biology is rapidly growing, and in life sciences, there is a clear  need to develop label-free sensors capable of monitoring single cells in real time. In the present project, we combine novel label-free devices with single-cell manipulation techniques in a unique yet unprecedented manner. We will focus on the experimental observation of single-cell behavior using high-throughput label-free optical biosensors and automated phase contrast and fluorescent imaging in combination with FluidFM and CCMP.


1. Label-free biosensors – instrument and methodology developments

2. Coatings and their detailed characterization.

3. Biochemical examination of cell adhesion.

4. Mechanisms of active substances and stimuli.

5. Immune cell tests with biosensors.

6. Analytical and numerical modeling of biosensor data.

7. DNA tests.

8. Molography.


The most important publications of the last 5 years:

[1] Kliment K., Szekacs I., Peter B., Erdei A., Kurucz I., Horvath R. Label-free real-time monitoring of the BCR-triggered activation of primary human B cells modulated by the simultaneous engagement of inhibitory receptors. BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS 191:1, Paper: 113469 (2021)

[2] Saftics A., Kurunczi S., Peter B., Szekacs I., Ramsden J.J., Horvath R. Data evaluation for surface-sensitive label-free methods to obtain real-time kinetic and structural information of thin films: A practical review with related software packages. ADVANCES IN COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE 294 Paper: 102431 (2021)

[3] Sztilkovics M., Gerecsei T., Peter B., Saftics A., Kurunczi S., Szekacs I., Szabo B., Horvath R. Single-cell adhesion force kinetics of cell populations from combined label-free optical biosensor and robotic fluidic force microscopy. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 10:1 Paper: 61 (2020)

[4] Kanyo N., Kovacs K.D., Saftics A., Szekacs I., Peter B., Santa-Maria A.R., Walter F.R., Dér A., Deli M.A., Horvath R. Glycocalyx regulates the strength and kinetics of cancer cell adhesion revealed by biophysical models based on high resolution label-free optical data SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 10, Paper: 22422 (2020)

[5] Kovács, Kinga Dóra ; Visnovitz, Tamás* ; Gerecsei, Tamás ; Peter, Beatrix ; Kurunczi, Sándor ; Koncz, Anna ; Németh, Krisztina ; Lenzinger, Dorina ; Vukman, Krisztina V. ; Balogh, Anna et al. Nanoinjection of extracellular vesicles to single live cells by robotic fluidic force microscopy JOURNAL OF EXTRACELLULAR VESICLES 12 : 12 Paper: e12388 , 16 p. (2023).