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Last updated: 2020.10.28.

The full list of MFA projects from 2000 untill 2019 can be dowloaded here: teljes MFA-s pályázati lista  (2000-2019)


International projects (H2020, ECSEL, FLAG-ERA, ERA.NET, TÉT)

  1. Novel 2D quantum device concepts enabled by sub-nanometre precision nanofabrication (ERC) Project ID: 680263 — NanoFab2D — ERC-2015-STG/ERC-2015-STG  Project leader: Tapasztó Levente  Link:,
  2. Graphene Flagship Core3 Project ID: H2020-SGA-FET-GRAPHENE-2019-881603  Project leader: Nemes Incze Péter  Link:
  3. A pilot line for the next generation of smart catheters and implants — POSITION-II Project ID: H2020-ECSEL-2017-1-IA-two-stage-783132 , 2018-2.1.6-NEMZ-ECSEL-2018-00001   Project leader: Dücső Csaba  Link:
  4. Accelerating Innovation in Microfabricated Medical Devices Project ID: ECSEL-2019-1-IA –876190  Project leader: Fürjes Péter  Link:
  5. Integrated nanocomposites for thermal and kinetic energy harvesting Project ID: 101007429 – INTAKE  Project leader: Volk János
  6. Korean-Hungarian Joint Laboratory Nanometer precision engineering of 2D Materials and their Heterostructures Project ID: MTA-KRISS  Project leader: Tapasztó Levente  Link:
  7. Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) System for the Inspection of Operation-Induced Material Degradation in Nuclear Power Plants (NOMAD) Project ID: NFRP-2016-2017-1 -755330  Project leader: Gasparics Antal (Szenthe Ildikó)  Link: ,
  8. FLAG-ERA Multifunctional Ceramic/Graphene Thick Coatings for New Emerging Application Project ID:  OTKA NN  127723  Project leader: Balázsi Csaba   Link:
  9. Smart Portable System for VOCs detection Project ID: OTKA NNE 131269  Project leader: Fried Miklós  Link:
  10. Eco-friendly AlON Processing Project ID: OTKA NNE 129976  Project leader: Balázsi Csaba   Link:
  11. Low power combustion-type nanosensors for gas detection in harsh environment Project ID: 2017-2.3.4-TÉT-RU-2017-00006  Project leader: Dücső Csaba
  12. Self-organization and structure of small gold nanoparticle clusters Project ID: 2018-2.1.13-TÉT-FR-2018-00002  Project leader: Deák András
  13. Szilícium nanoszerkezetek optikai bioszenzorikához Project ID: 2019-2.1.11-TÉT-2019-00004  Project leader: Petrik Péter
  14. Félvezető szerkezetek előállítása, jellemzése és fejlesztése energiaátalakítási, szenzorikai, és elektronikai célra Project ID:  2019-2.1.11-TÉT-2019-00066  Project leader: Zolnai Zsolt
  15. Inhomogén felületi tulajdonságú nanorudak hatása száradási törésvonalak morfológiájára Project ID: 2019-2.1.11-TÉT-2019-00067  Project leader: Deák András

Domestic R&D and innovation projects (VEKOP, NVKP, NKP)

  1. Advanced Functional Materials for Autonomous Sensor Networks Project ID: NVKP_16-1-2016-0018  Project leader: Volk János  Link:
  2. Modernizing microtechnology infrastructure to achieve European compatibility Project ID: VEKOP-2.3.3-15-2016-00010  Project leader: Dücső Csaba  Link:
  3. Strategic workshop for the technological challenges in renewable energy systems Project ID: VEKOP-2.3.2-16-2016-00011  Project leader: Pécz Béla  Link:
  4. Rapid urine bacteria analyzer Project ID: VEKOP-2.2.1-16-2017-00001  Project leader: Fürjes Péter  Link:
  5. Developing lab-on-a-chip prototype for human in vitro fertilization quality controll Project ID: PTE/2809-5/2017
  6. Rapid urine bacteria analyzer Project ID: VEKOP-2.2.1-16-2017-00001  Project leaders: Fürjes Péter, Horváth Róbert  Link:
  7. Investigation of atomic and molecular processes induced by ultra-short light and electron pulses at ELI-ALPS, method and device development Project ID: 2018-1.2.1-NKP-2018-00010  Project leader: Battistig Gábor  Link:
  8. Creating, and sharing quantumbits and developing quantum information networks Project ID: 2017-1.2.1-NKP-2017-00001 alvállalkozó  Project leader: Volk János  Link:


Basic research projects (Lendület, NKFIH OTKA)

  1. Fejlett bioszenzorok kifejlesztése monekuláris mozgások monitorizálására Project ID:  LP2012-26/2012  Project leader: Horváth Róbert
  2. Újszerű 2D Anyagok Nanomegmunkálása Project ID: LP2014-14/2014  Project leader:  Tapasztó Levente
  3. Topológiailag nem triviális fázisok réteges anyagok heterostruktúráiban – Lendület 2017 Project ID: Lendület-217-299  Témavezető: Nemes Incze Péter
  4. Fabrication and investigation of biological and bioinspired photonic nanoarchitecture based vapor/gas sensors Project ID: OTKA 115724  Project leader: Kertész Krisztián  Link:
  5. Preparation of ZnO and Ga2O3 nanostructures by atomic layer deposition Project ID: OTKA 116579  Project leader: Baji Zsófia  Link:
  6. Investigation of novel implant materials for high-resolution, multiparametric imaging of cortical activity Project ID: OTKA K 120143  Project leader: Fekete Zoltán  Link:
  7. Elaboration and characterization of graphene-metal hybrid nanostructures Project ID: OTKA K   119532  Project leader: Osváth Zoltán  Link:
  8. Consequences of distinguishability in evolutionary games Project ID: OTKA K 120785  Project leader: Szabó György  Link:
  9. Investigation of the nanostructural background of functionality in the case of biogenic and biocompatible mineral apatite Project ID: OTKA K125100  Project leader: Kovácsné Kis Viktória  Link:
  10. Thin film integrity check by capillary bridge test Project ID: OTKA FK 128901  Project leader: Nagy Norbert  Link:
  11. Elaboration and characterization of graphene-silver nanoparticle hybrids Project ID: OTKA KH 129587  Project leader: Osváth Zoltán  Link:
  12. Combinatorial Preparation and Characterization Methods for High Through-put Study of Advanced Functional Materials Project ID: OTKA K 129009  Project leader: Fried Miklós  Link:
  1. Nanoparticles with surface patchiness – preparation and self-assembly Project ID: OTKA FK 128327  Project leader: Deák András  Link:
  2. Colloidal interactions of PEGylated nanoparticles Project ID: OTKA KH 129578  Project leader: Deák András  Link:
  3. Tuning the properties of two-dimensional materials by atomic scale structural defects Project ID: OTKA KH 130413  Project leader: Vancsó Péter  Link:
  4. Expanding the frontiers of label-free single cell biosensing and manipulation in biomedical engineering Project ID: ÉLVONAL OTKA KKP 129936  Project leader: Horváth Róbert  Link:
  5. Development and characterization of bioactive and antibacterial trace element doped hydroxyapatite-biopolymer composite coatings Project ID: OTKA PD 131934  Project leader: Furkó Mónika  Link:
  6. Two-dimensional transition metal chalcogenide crystals modified by individual heteroatoms Project ID: OTKA K 132869  Project leader: Tapasztó Levente  Link:
  7. Low-dimensional nanomaterials for the optical sensing of organic molecules on liquid and gas interfaces Project ID: OTKA K 131515  Project leader: Petrik Péter  Link:
  8. Biophysics of living cells and cell adhesive coatings exposed to novel compounds Project ID: OTKA PD 131543  Project leader: Péter Beatrix   Link:
  9. Közös összehasonlító népzenei – archeogenetikai kutatás a magyar népzene őstörténetének feltárására nagy zenei és genetikai adatbázisok számítógépes elemzésével Project ID: EK-G-1018/2020  Project leader: Juhász Zoltán