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Last updated: 2023.03.07

The full list of MFA projects from 2000 untill 2019 can be dowloaded here: teljes MFA-s pályázati lista  (2000-2019)


International projects (H2020, ECSEL, FLAG-ERA, ERA.NET, TÉT)

  1. Novel 2D quantum device concepts enabled by sub-nanometre precision nanofabrication (ERC) Project ID: 680263 — NanoFab2D — ERC-2015-STG/ERC-2015-STG  Project leader: Tapasztó Levente  Link:,
  2. Graphene Flagship Core3 Project ID: H2020-SGA-FET-GRAPHENE-2019-881603  Project leader: Nemes Incze Péter  Link:
  3. A pilot line for the next generation of smart catheters and implants — POSITION-II Project ID: H2020-ECSEL-2017-1-IA-two-stage-783132 , 2018-2.1.6-NEMZ-ECSEL-2018-00001   Project leader: Dücső Csaba  Link:
  4. Accelerating Innovation in Microfabricated Medical Devices Project ID: ECSEL-2019-1-IA –876190  Project leader: Fürjes Péter  Link:
  5. Integrated nanocomposites for thermal and kinetic energy harvesting Project ID: 101007429 – INTAKE Project leader: Volk János Link:
  6. EMPIR project 20FUN02 POLight EMPIR project 20FUN02 POLight project leader:Petrik Péter link:
  7. Advanced Aerosol Metrology for Atmospheric Science and Air Quality AEROMET II project leader:Dücső Csaba
  8. 101096387-PowerizeD Digitalization of Power Electronic Applications within Key Technology Value Chains (PowerizeD) project leader:Balázsi Katalin Link:
  9. 101065044 – POC-TDM Development of a point-of-care microfluidic device for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in cancer treatment
    (POC-TDM MSCA) project leader:Fürjes Péter / Füredi András
  10. Epitaxial Transition Metal dichalcogenides Onto wide bandgap hexagonal Semiconductors for advanced electronics ID: 2019-2.1.7-ERA-NET-2020-00001 project leader: Pécz Béla Link:
  11. GaN alapú lézer diódák hatékonyság növelése újfajta nitrid-oxid ohmikus kontaktusokkal ID: 2019-2.1.7-ERA-NET-2020-00002 project leader: Fogarassy Zsolt
  12. 2022-1.2.5-TÉT-IPARI-KR-2022-00006 Engineering the properties of metal nanoclusters on 2D crystals project leader: Tapasztó Levente
  13. 2019-2.1.7-ERA-NET-2022-00032 Szupravezető szilícium qubit a CMOS technológiában project leader:Lábár János
  14. COST OC-2020-1-24842 (NETPORE)  Network for research, innovation and product development on porous semiconductors and oxides leader: Petrik Péter
  15. COST OC-2020-1-24657 (OPERA) European Network for Innovative and Advanced Epitaxy project leader: Volk János

Domestic R&D and innovation projects (VEKOP, TKP, NKP)

  1. New semiconductor materials Project ID: TKP2021-NKTA-05 Project leader: Pécz Béla Link:
  2. Innovative biosensing technologies for medical applications – INBIOM Project ID: TKP2021-EGA-04 Project leader: Horváth Róbert Link:
  3. Monitoring sensors deployed in emergency situations and in harsh environment Project ID: TKP2021-NVA-03 Project leader: Volk János Link:
  4. Advanced Functional Materials for Autonomous Sensor Networks Project ID: NVKP_16-1-2016-0018  Project leader: Volk János  Link:
  5. Modernizing microtechnology infrastructure to achieve European compatibility Project ID: VEKOP-2.3.3-15-2016-00010  Project leader: Dücső Csaba  Link:
  6. Strategic workshop for the technological challenges in renewable energy systems Project ID: VEKOP-2.3.2-16-2016-00011  Project leader: Pécz Béla  Link:
  7. Rapid urine bacteria analyzer Project ID: VEKOP-2.2.1-16-2017-00001  Project leader: Fürjes Péter  Link:
  8. Developing lab-on-a-chip prototype for human in vitro fertilization quality controll Project ID: PTE/2809-5/2017
  9. Rapid urine bacteria analyzer Project ID: VEKOP-2.2.1-16-2017-00001  Project leaders: Fürjes Péter, Horváth Róbert  Link:
  10. Investigation of atomic and molecular processes induced by ultra-short light and electron pulses at ELI-ALPS, method and device development Project ID: 2018-1.2.1-NKP-2018-00010  Project leader: Battistig Gábor  Link:
  11. Creating, and sharing quantumbits and developing quantum information networks Project ID: 2017-1.2.1-NKP-2017-00001 alvállalkozó  Project leader: Volk János  Link:


Basic research projects (Lendület, NKFIH OTKA)

  1. Fejlett bioszenzorok kifejlesztése monekuláris mozgások monitorizálására Project ID:  LP2012-26/2012  Project leader: Horváth Róbert
  2. Újszerű 2D Anyagok Nanomegmunkálása Project ID: LP2014-14/2014  Project leader:  Tapasztó Levente
  3. Topológiailag nem triviális fázisok réteges anyagok heterostruktúráiban – Lendület 2017 Project ID: Lendület-217-299  Témavezető: Nemes Incze Péter
  4. Project ID: OTKA PD 143037 Project leader: Piszter Gábor Link:
  5. Smart Portable System for VOCs detection Project ID: OTKA NNE 131269 Project leader: Fried Miklós Link:
  6. Novel phenomena in artificial crystals built from 2D materials Project ID: OTKA KKP 138144 Project leader: Tapasztó Levente Link:
  7. An investigation of evolutionary potential games using the tensor renormalization group method Project ID: OTKA PD 138571 Project leader: Király Balázs Link:
  8. Atomic layer deposition and applications of functional sulfide nanolayers Project ID: OTKA FK 139075 Project leader: Baji Zsófia Link:
  9. Microcombinatorial synthesis and characterization of multicomponent thin films Project ID: OTKA K 143216 Project leader: Sáfrán György Link:
  10. Investigation of luminescence and ionization energy deposition processes in microstructured semiconductors based on neutral and charged particle conversion phenomena Project ID: OTKA K 143263 Project leader: Zolnai Zsolt Link:
  11. Construction and study of light-matter interaction in hybrid structures based on graphene, MoS2, and nanoparticles Project ID: OTKA K 134258 Project leader: Osváth Zoltán Link:
  12. Novel biophysical methods for surface-coupled antigen detection by leukocytes Project ID: OTKA PD 134195 Project leader: Szittner Zoltán Link:
    Thin film integrity check by capillary bridge test Project ID: OTKA FK 128901 Project leader: Nagy Norbert Link:
  13. Nanoparticles with surface patchiness – preparation and self-assembly Project ID: OTKA FK 128327 Project leader: Deák András Link:
  14. Expanding the frontiers of label-free single cell biosensing and manipulation in biomedical engineering Project ID: ÉLVONAL OTKA KKP 129936 Project leader: Horváth Róbert Link:
  15. Development and characterization of bioactive and antibacterial trace element doped hydroxyapatite-biopolymer composite coatings Project ID: OTKA PD 131934 Project leader: Furkó Mónika Link:
  16. Two-dimensional transition metal chalcogenide crystals modified by individual heteroatoms Project ID: OTKA K 132869 Project leader: Tapasztó Levente Link:
  17. Low-dimensional nanomaterials for the optical sensing of organic molecules on liquid and gas interfaces Project ID: OTKA K 131515 Project leader: Petrik Péter Link: