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Laparoscopic staplers – time to be in safe

Géza Papp1, János Márk Bozorádi2,3, Zsófia Sz Bérces2, Péter Fürjes2

1 Uzsoki Hospital, Uzsoki str. 29-41. H-1145 Budapest, Hungary

2 Microsystems Laboratory, Inst. of Technical Physics and Materials Science, HUN-REN Centre for Energy Research

  Konkoly-Thege Miklós str. H-1121 Budapest, Hungary

3 Óbuda University, Doctoral School on Materials Sciences and Technologies

  Bécsi str. 96/B, H-1034 Budapest, Hungary

In laparoscopic surgeries different stapling devices are widely used. However, with such devices tactile sensitivity is badly hindered. This can result in a sub-optimal choice of stapler cartridge, which leads to improper healing of the tissue and even mortality in severe cases. The quantitative analysis of the tissue which we want to staple would help the surgeon choose the optimal cartridge.
A 3D force sensors of the Microsystems Laboratory of HUN-REN CER MFA were integrated into a high precision stepper motor system. The measurement system was applied on resected human GI tissue in the Uzsoki Street Hospital. Thickness of the compressed tissue can be calculated from the recorded force vs. displacement curves.

Colorectal THRIVE 2024 Congress – Fribourg, Switzerland