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Utolsó frissítés: 2019.11.19.

A 2018-as és 2019-es évek legfontosabb MFA-s publikációi:

  1. T Gerecsei, I Erdődi, B Peter, Cs Hős, S Kurunczi, I Derényi, B Szabó, R Horvath: Adhesion force measurements on functionalized microbeads: An in-depth comparison of computer controlled micropipette and fluidic force microscopy. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 555, 245-253, 2019. (online: 2019 July) https://doi:10.1016/j.jcis.2019.07.102.,
  2. R Ungai-Salánki, B Peter, T Gerecsei, N Orgovan, R Horvath, B Szabó: A practical review on the measurement tools for cellular adhesion force. Advances in Colloid and Interface Science, 269, 309-333, 2019.,,
  3. A Saftics, B Türk, A Sulyok, N Nagy, T Gerecsei, I Szekacs, S Kurunczi, R Horvath: Biomimetic dextran-based hydrogel layers for cell micropatterning over large areas using the FluidFM BOT technology. Langmuir, 35, 2412-2421, 2019.,,
  4. P Vancsó, ZI Popov, J Pető, T Ollár, G Dobrik, JS Pap, C Hwang, PB Sorokin, L Tapasztó: Transition Metal Chalcogenide Single Layers as an Active Platform for Single-Atom Catalysis ACS Energy Letters 4, 1947-1953, 2019,,
  5. M Szendrő, A Pálinkás, P Süle, Z Osváth: Anisotropic strain effects in small-twist-angle graphene on graphite. Physical Review B 100, 1254043, 2019,,
  6. K Kertész, G Piszter, Z Bálint, LP Biró: Biogeographical patterns in the structural blue of male Polyommatus icarus butterflies Scientific Reports 9, 2338, 2019, ,
  7. N Vouroutzis, J. Stoemenos, N. Frangis, GZ Radnóczi, D Knez, F Hofer, B Pécz: Structural characterization of poly-Si Films crystallized by Ni Metal Induced Lateral Crystallization, Scientific Reports 9 : 1 Paper: 2844 , 8 p., 2019,
  8. T Zagyva, K Balázsi, Cs Balázsi: Examination of novel electrosprayed biogenic hydroxyapatite coatings on Si3N4 and Si3N4/MWCNT ceramic composite, Processing and Application of Ceramics 13: 2 pp. 132-138., 7 p., 2019,
  9. Z Szabó, J Volk, ZsE Horváth, Zs Medveczky, Zs Czigány,  K Vad, Zs Baji: Atomic layer deposition and annealing of Ga doped ZnO films, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 101 pp. 95-102., 8 p. , 2019,
  10. B Sánta, Z Balogh, Á Gubicza, L Pósa, D Krisztián, G Mihály, M Csontos, A Halbritter: Universal 1/f type current noise of Ag filaments in redox-based memristive nanojunctions, Nanoscale, 11, 4719-4725, 2019,
  11. Z Scherübl, A Pályi, Gy Frank, IE Lukács, G Fülöp, B Fülöp, J Nygård, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, G Zaránd, Sz Csonka: Observation of spin–orbit coupling induced Weyl points in a two-electron double quantum dot, Communications Physics volume 2, Article number: 104, 2019,
  12. G Vértesy, A Gasparics, I Szenthe, F Gillemot: Magnetic nondestructive inspection of reactor steel cladded blocks, Global journal of advanced engineering technologies and sciences, 6(6): June, 2019.,,
  13. N Nagy: Contact Angle Determination on Hydrophilic and Superhydrophilic Surfaces by Using r-ϑ-Type Capillary Bridges, Langmuir. 35., 2019, 5202–5212.,
  14. D P Szekrényes, S Pothorszky, D Zámbó, A Deák: Detecting spatial rearrangement of individual gold nanoparticle heterodimers, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 21., 2019, 10146–10151.,,
  15. M Serényi, A Csík, A Hámori, B Kalas, I Lukács, Zs Zolnai and C Frigeri: Diffusion and reaction kinetics governing surface blistering in RF sputtered hydrogenated a-SixGe1-x (0≤ x ≤1) thin films, Thin Solid Films 679., 201958–63.,
  16. F Bíró, Z Hajnal, I Bársony and Cs Dücső: MEMS microhotplate constraints, open access book Advances in Microelectronics:Reviews, Vol. 2, Book Series, published by IFSA Publishing, S.L. February, 2019,, ISBN8409081601, 9788409081608
  17. A Zátonyi, G Orbán, R Modi, G Márton, D Meszéna, I Ulbert, A Pongrácz, M Ecker, WE Voit, A Joshi-Imre, Z Fekete: A softening laminar electrode for recording single unit activity from the rat hippocampus, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 9 (2019) 37237, IF: 4.011,
  18. I Rigó, M Veres, T Váczi, E Holczer, O Hakkel, A Deák, P Fürjes, Preparation and Characterization of Perforated SERS Active Array for Particle Trapping and Sensitive Molecular Analysis, BIOSENSORS 9:3 Paper:93, 9p., 2019 ,
  19. P. Szekrényes, S. Pothorszky, D. Zámbó, Z. Osváth, A. Deák, Investigation of Patchiness on Tip-Selectively Surface-Modified Gold Nanorods, J. Phys. Chem. C. 122 (2018) 1706–1710. https://doi:10.1021/acs.jpcc.7b11211,
  20. Vértesy, I. Tomáš, Nondestructive magnetic inspection of spot welding, NDT E Int. 98 (2018) 95–100., https://doi:10.1016/J.NDTEINT.2018.05.001,
  21. Pető, T. Ollár, P. Vancsó, Z, Popov, G.Z. Magda, G. Dobrik, C. Hwang, P.B. Sorokin, L. Tapasztó: Spontaneous doping of the basal plane of MoS2 single layers through oxygen substitution under ambient conditions. Nature Chemistry, 10, 1246 (2018) IF: 26.201,,
  22. Palinkas, P. Kun, A.A. Koos, Z. Osvath: Dynamic strain in gold nanoparticle supported graphene induced by focused laser irradiation. Nanoscale 10, 13417 (2018) IF: 7.042,
  23. K Kertész, G Piszter, Z Bálint, LP Biró: Optical Vapor Sensing on Single Wing Scales and on Whole Wings of the Albulina metallica Butterfly. Sensors 18, 4282 (2018) IF: 2,475,
  24. Peter, I. Lagzi, S. Teraji, H. Nakanishi, L. Cervenak, D. Zámbó, A. Deák, K. Molnár, M. Truszka, I. Szekacs, R. Horvath: Interaction of positively charged gold nanoparticles with cancer cells monitored by an in situ label-free optical biosensor and transmission electron microscopy. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces, 2018, 10: 26841–26850., https://doi:10.1021/acsami.8b01546
  25. Farkas, A. Szekacs, B. Kovacs, M. Olah, E. Horvath, I. Szekacs: Label-free optical biosensor for real-time monitoring the cytotoxicity of xenobiotics: A proof of principle study on glyphosate. J Hazard Mater. 2018;351:80-89. https://doi:10.1016/j.jhazmat.2018.02.045
  26. Szekacs, N. Orgovan, B. Peter, B. Kovacs, R. Horvath: Receptor specific adhesion assay for the quantification of integrin–ligand interactions in intact cells using a microplate based, label-free optical biosensor. Sensors Actuators B Chem. 2018;256:729-734. https://doi:10.1016/j.snb.2017.09.208
  27. Szolnoki and X. Chen: Reciprocity-based cooperative phalanx maintained by overconfident playersPhys. Rev. E 98 (2018) 022309/1-7.,,
  28. Szolnoki and X. Chen: Competition and partnership between conformity and payoff-based imitations in social dilemmas, New J. Phys. 20 (2018) 093008/1-8,,
  29. Racz, M. Menyhard: Design of Corrosion Resistive SiC Nanolayers, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10 : 26 pp. 22851-22856. , 6 p. (2018) IF 8.097,,
  30. Fogarassy, N. Oláh, I. Cora, Z.E. Horváth, T. Csanádi, A. Sulyok, K. Balázsi: The structural and mechanical characterization of TiC and TiC/Ti thin films grown by DC magnetron sputtering, Journal of the European Ceramic Society 38 : 7 pp. 2886-2892., 7 p. (2018) IF 3.794,,
  31. Radó, Cs. Dücső, P. Földesy, G. Szebényi, Z. Nawrat, K. Rohr, P. Fürjes: 3D force sensors for laparoscopic surgery tool, Microsystem Technologies 24 : 1 pp. 519-525., 7 p. (2018), IF: 3.92,
  32. Seifikar, C. P. Björn, J. Volk, J. Radó, I. E. Lukács, R. Dauksevicius, R. Gaidys, V. Lebedev, A. Viana, O. P. Eoin : Direct observation of spontaneous polarization induced electron charge transfer in stressed ZnO nanorods, Nano Energy 43 pp. 376-382. , 7 p. (2018), IF: 13.12,,

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