Péter B. Barna is the 2015 R.F. Bunshah Award Recipient

The 2015 R.F. Bunshah Award Recipient is Péter B. Barna, professor emeritus of MFA. Peter B. Barna, the 2015 ICMCTF laureate, is recognized for “pioneering contributions to the understanding of nanostructural evolution during thin film nucleation and growth based upon in-situ UHV TEM video imaging.”

The R. F. Bunshah Award recognizes outstanding research or technological innovation in the areas of interest to the Advanced Surface Engineering Division (ASED) of the AVS, with emphasis on the fields of surface engineering, thin films, and related topics.

From 1959 to 1961, Barna was at the Institute of Optics and Measurement Techniques, Budapest, and in 1961 again joined Prof. Pócza, who was then Head of the Department of Thin Films at the Research Institute of Technical Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (since 1998, Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science). Together with Prof. Pócza and Dr. Á. Barna they began in-situ investigations of thin-film microstructure evolution in 1963 by adapting a home-made UVH deposition system to a JEOL 6A TEM. Barna was Department Head from 1975 until 1999, and then scientific adviser until his retirement in 2005. He is presently active as Professor Emeritus Instituti.